About Us


Bidtropolis was created to establish a presence in the business to business and ecommerce sectors. You may find websites with similar services, but we like to think Bidtropolis is very incomparable. The concept behind Bidtropolis is to make products and services available for purchase at far lesser price to buyers, while giving higher values and possible profit shares to the sellers.

Bidtropolis is an unique penny auction website that has two types of members buyers and sellers which, at the moment, the selling feature is not available on any other penny auction websites.

The Bidtropolis team's mission is to become one of the top online sources for its unique way of offering products and services to its members locally, nationally and worldwide, while supporting business members with another highly client generating avenue stream. Bidtropolis is open to business and individuals. With this platform, our concept, marketing strategies, future implemented features, reliable suppliers, and customer base, Bidtropolis will be on its way in becoming the number 1 online penny auction while implementing another approach how products are bought and sold.

By working together we can go far.

The Bidtropolis Team